Martin Modern sits on rich heritage that provides both the master architect and landscape architect conceptual and visual inspiration to draw from. Aesthetically, Yip feels particularly drawn to the textures and feel of the old godowns and doing what hedoes best — creating beauty out of rawness. Conceptually, he is inclined to extract from the past to create the future. In particular, the secret garden at the rooftop is largely inspired by the qualities of the old godowns. The history of the site has also a direct influence over the landscape architecture. Drawing references from the Singapore River, one of the two key concepts in the landscaping is to celebrate “expressions of water”; and lifting inspiration from the nearby historical greenery of Fort Canning and the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the other key concept is to preserve our “Botanical Heritage”. Using key tropical species to guide the 15 curated gardens which span 80% of the site area (with the building footprint standing on only 20% of the land), this might be the most generous private garden that anyone can possess.

Looking set to be a Singapore architectural icon, Martin Modern is a forward-looking property that redefines the aesthetics of luxury condominiums and ups the game in defining the standards of luxury living. In placing equal importance on both form and function, Martin Modern stands by the GuocoLand philosophy of designing from inside out. Great emphasis is placed on a good floor plan that ensures a workable expanse of spaces; only the best and exclusive building materials are used and every single unit is entitled to a view. So how is a luxury condominium re-defined in GuocoLand terms? Cheng sums it up, “The hallmarks of a GuocoLand luxury property are great location, high quality and poetic ambience. Martin Modern bears all these characteristics and exudes a luxury that is sophisticated and liveable.”

Martin Modern 2 Bedroom Floor Plan

Martin Modern 3 Bedroom Floor Plan

Martin Modern 4 Bedroom Floor Plan



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